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Fighting Morning Sickness?

About 75% of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) - also known as morning sickness. NVP can start around week 4 of a woman's pregnancy and can last up to 14 weeks.


Hormone levels




First-time pregnancy status



Strong aversions to certain smells and foods

A queasy feeling that's accompanied by hunger pangs

Nausea that strikes after eating

Nausea that's so strong it can lead to vomiting

Strong aversions to certain smells and foods

At-Home Remedies:

Listen to your body, eat foods that sound appealing to you

Eat early in the morning

Eat right before bed

Stay hydrated

Take all your prenatal supplements

Ginger and Lemon tea

Acupressure bracelets for pressure points

Rest and de-stress

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