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Why Are Primesurro Surrogates Different?



Primesurro has a monthly average of 500+ active applicants. We review their application and disqualify applicants who are not suitable to become a surrogate.

On average, out of 500+ monthly applicants, only about 100 applicants qualify to become surrogates. That is about 1/5 of our active applicants that are require to do an interview with out intake team.



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Finally, after interview has passed, our intake team will review applicant's recent and past medical records including but not limited to pap smear, OB/GYN records, and other medical records. We have high standard on surrogates and on average only less than 10% of applicants are able to become Primesurro Surrogate!

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How Does Primesurro Select Surrogate?

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We do not risk putting parent's dream with anyone associate with criminal records.

  • Background check on all applicants and include applicants’ partners and family members if living together

  • Rejects applicants with felony history or family member associated with felony histories

  • Reject applicants that are dishonest during any application process

Conduct Background Check

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Medical Records Screening

We will pick up notes left by clinics and doctors and review for common issues that conflict with surrogacy.

  • Medical records are obtained and reviewed by medical records professionals

  • Reject applicants that are dishonest with their medical history


Psychological Screening

​All of our surrogates will have to pass psychological screening performed by licensed psychologists.

  • Primesurro partner with the best psychologist that specialize in surrogacy industry

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Physical Medical Screening

All Primesurro surrogate must be performed with physical medical screening at IVF clinic at certain point.

  • Ensure surrogate's condition meets or surpass IVF Doctor’s recommendation for higher transfer success rate

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