Our Advantages


We have a large recruitment team of hundreds of people across the United States. As professional recruiters, almost all of them are surrogate mothers with surrogacy experience or people with years of work experience in related industries. Rich surrogacy experience and professional process knowledge explanation are the biggest advantages of our recruitment team.



Our intake team all have medical background, professional knowledge level, and rich medical background, which are the most critical part of our preliminary work. With various surrogate mothers' data, we can quickly complete the preliminary review of the medical records. A sound intake system is the most trustworthy part of our intake team.



Relying on a strong recruitment and intake team, we have a large number of qualified surrogates and can quickly provide surrogates that meet your requirements. The bilingual team will also serve you at any time to ensure smooth communication and exchanges.


We have a good business cooperation relationship with many well-known IVF clinics in the United States. Our experienced coordination team management will provide the greatest support for the surrogate through medical/physical examination.


Our partner is a well-known surrogacy law firm in the United States, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in surrogacy law. Efficient teamwork ensures that all legal processes of clients can be completed in time.



As the most important stage of, we test and accompany the surrogate mother throughout the whole process to ensure the success of the transfer as much as possible. Good communication skills, rich knowledge of IVF and gynecology, can respond to most emergencies in time and ensure the smooth progress of the case to the greatest extent.


A complete customer service team will provide a full range of services for the postpartum of surrogate mothers and the birth of newborns. We have our in-house team, a complete service system, and experienced service personnel, so you will have no worries.

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