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International Parent's Surrogacy Process Overivew


1. Initial Consultation

Understand the needs of prospective parents and formulate exclusive surrogacy programs for prospective parents. According to the parent's preference on surrogate requirements, we will recommend and provide corresponding surrogate candidates.

2. Video Interview

After the surrogate mother is confirmed, we will arrange a video interview for both parties to further enhance their understanding of each other and conduct face-to-face confirmation with both parties on important matters in the surrogacy process.


3. Surrogate’s Physical Screening

According to the requirements of the IVF clinic of the prospective parents, the medical records of the surrogate mother are sent for review, and the surrogate mother and her partner (if any) are arranged to complete the corresponding psychological screening and medical examination.

4. Surrogacy Law Process

After the surrogate has passed the medical examination, the legal procedures for the surrogacy contract will be initiated. After both parties have reached an agreement on the legal contract of surrogacy and signed the notarized, the lawyer will send the legal contract permission letter to the IVF clinic.


5. Embryo Transfer Cycle

According to the transplant cycle arrangement of the IVF clinic, the surrogate mother enters the transplant cycle and takes injections and medications under the guidance of the doctor . After completing the embryo transfer, the surrogate mother will rest in bed for 48 to 72 hours.

6. Pregnancy Test and Routine Check

After surrogate’s first hormone progesterone positive test, surrogate continues with injections and medicine following clinic requirements, after 2 to 3 in weeks pregnancy, surrogate will perform an ultrasound examination to confirm the heartbeat. About 10 weeks of pregnancy, the surrogate mother will go to the OB/GYN and will complete the rest of pregnancy examination.


7. Parental Documents

The surrogate mother is 12-16 weeks pregnant and will initiates the parent-child legal process. The lawyer will guide all parties to submit materials and finally obtain the court's parental judgment.

8. Monitoring During Pregnancy

The surrogate mother's gestation period is about 18 weeks, and the surrogate will complete ultrasound to confirm that the fetal development and pregnancy indicators are good. During 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, we will coordinate the surrogate to create the specific arrangements for the birth plan with parent(s).


9. Picking Up the Baby in United States

When a newborn is born, the staff will provide a paternity to ensure that the needs of prospective parents and surrogate mothers are met. After delivery, ensure that medical bills are settled, and the case is closed smoothly. According to the needs of expectant parents, coordinators can provide postpartum newborn care and documentation processing.

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