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A surrogate receives a compensation and benefits package based on her experience and location.

Minimum Guaranteed Additional Benefits

PrimeSurro proudly introduces the Minimal Additional Benefit Package with a guaranteed amount of $8,200. Please notice that this Benefit Package is in addition to the Base Compensation and many surrogates receive much more than $8,200 because of multiple cycles and potential benefits. 

Exclusive Benefits of PrimeSurro

1. $1,000 bonus paid early in the journey, before pregnancy begins 

2. Third party escrow account / trust account for all compensation 

3. Medical insurance and life insurance provided 

4. Professional legal advice

5. All travel and medical expenses covered 

6. Caring, full-spectrum support from our Coordinators 24 / 7

Base Compensation

Base Compensation will be divided into ten (10) equally distributed installments over the journey. The first payment is made at the first of the month following the first ultrasound confirming a fetal heartbeat of the baby. 

First Time

All Other Surrogacy Friendly States 

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