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We Are PrimeSurro

We partner with surrogate mothers in many places across United States.

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Who We Are

​PrimeSurro is a full service surrogacy agency which provides a professional and reliable platform for matching between qualified surrogates and intended parents. We, PrimeSurro, believe in helping couples or families to fulfill their dream of parenthood. Each staff member at PrimeSurro has extensive experience and specialized in every aspect within the surrogacy industry.


Our team has more than 20 years of combined experiences in both the surrogacy and IVF industry, including areas of surrogate matching, coordination, insurance, surrogacy law, IP relationship management, emotional and psychological support.

Whether you are already a surrogate with us who has friends interested in becoming a surrogate, or you are an expert in customer relationship and excel at prospecting, you may advance your career at PrimeSurro as a surrogate recruiter. Not only will this position elevate your income, you will also have the opportunity to help couples who have a hard time conceiving on their own. PrimeSurro exerts our effort to facilitate the warmest journeys for both surrogates and intended parents.

My journey with being a gestational surrogate has been lovely. Any concerns or questions I had have been thoroughly answered. PrimeSurro has been extremely helpful and generous to myself and family. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I am very grateful I chose to take on this adventure. The Intended Parents excitement and kindness have been the peak of my joy thus far. I am grateful to be chosen for such a beautiful task.

From Primesurro Surrogate

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From I.R.’s successful transfer to the monitoring of the heartbeat of the embryo, we were so nervous during that time, but thanks to the efforts of I.R. and PrimeSurro, we finally successfully having the baby. I feel that the whole surrogacy journey is very wonderful and heartfelt!

From Primesurro Parent

Partner Clinics


We are located in the beautiful city of Irvine, California. Our headquarters is inside the business building right across the iconic Irvine Spectrum Center.

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For your convenience, you may also reach us by scanning our representative's QR Code.

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