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Exercise and Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

⁣During your pregnancy, exercise will be beneficial for you and the baby!


Exercise has a number of benefits for anyone, but there are a number of additional benefits only pregnant women and the babies they are carrying get to experience:

Pregnant women:

Raises endorphins that can help diminish pregnancy depression and anxiety due to changes in hormones

Helps pregnant women fall asleep easier than they normally would

Speeds up metabolism and relieves constipation

The more your exercise, the faster the recovery will be after delivery. Women who exercise during pregnancy show a shorter recovery time than those who do not.

Helps maintain blood pressure

Reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery.


Nurtures the baby’s brain health

Lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes later in life

Lowers heart rate of the baby both in the womb and after pregnancy

As long as you get approval from your practitioner, you can consider the following exercises to increase blood flow, muscles, and endurance:⠀

Swimming 🏊⠀

Walking or running 🏃⠀

Ellipticals or cycling 🚴⠀

Aerobics classes 💃⠀

Pilates or yoga 🧘 ⠀

Barre 🏅

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