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5 Reasons Why Intended Parents Seek Surrogacy

A surrogate mother is a woman who chooses to carry a child for another individual who is unable to carry a child to term.

There are several reasons why a couple or an individual would choose to grow their family through surrogacy. Often surrogacy is used as a last resort option when faced with issues related to infertility, age, physical health, or personal difficulties. Surrogacy is now becoming more common than ever before and is helping families achieve the dream of parenthood.

1. Infertility

Infertility is often the most significant struggle faced by Intended Parents who choose to take the surrogacy route. Various issues can cause or lead to infertility in individuals or couples. They can range from struggles with PCOS and endometriosis in women; or abnormal sperm count and unbalanced hormones in men. Statistically, women and men experience the same rate of infertility. Some individuals try to conceive a child without knowing they might not be able to. The issue of infertility tends to come to light much later in life. Surrogacy often becomes the last resort for would-be parents to experience the joy of having a child.

2. Age

Age can also play a large part in an individual's rate of fertility. Fertility decreases for both men and women as they get older. By the age of 30, women have a 20% chance of conceiving, and by the age of 40, this decreases to 5%. Male fertility begins to decline by the age of 40 when the quality of their sperm reduces. The reduction in sperm quality means that the chances of pregnancy decrease over time. With the help of surrogates, these men and women can finally have the opportunity to build a family of their own.

3. Physical Problems

A woman who has undergone a hysterectomy or has a congenital abnormality would sadly not have the change to conceive a child naturally. Many women do not find out that they may suffer from these issues until they are actively trying to become pregnant. Some women may be able to become pregnant but cannot carry the pregnancy to full term. The fetus can suddenly stop growing in the womb.

4. Individuals Wanting to Parent on Their own

A single woman who wants to parent on her own can also opt to take the surrogacy route if she is unable to carry a child to full term. A man who wants to become a single parent can also seek the help of a surrogate mother as they would not be able to conceive a child on their own regardless of whether or not he is struggling with fertility.

5. Same-Sex Couples

A same-sex couple may also choose to work with a surrogate to carry their future child. Since surrogacy has grown in popularity in recent years, the LGBT community has embraced choosing to work with a surrogate mother to have their children. Celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer are among those in the LGBT community who have welcomed their children into the world with the help of surrogacy.

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