Surrogates can earn up to $80,000


Competitive Surrogate Compentsation

We appreciate surrogates' help to build families. Primesurro has one of the most competitive base compensation and benefit package available to our surrogates.


Satisfied and Smooth Surrogacy Journey

Our surrogates love us! We strive to provide best service to every single surrogates. On top of that, all of our intended parents are kind and lovely.


Experienced Team & Rich Resources

PrimeSurro's mission is to put surrogates mothers first. As a result, our team tries to make the entire surrogacy application process and journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Large Intended Parent (IP) Pool

PrimeSurro has the largest group of Intended Parents who are presently seeking for help from surrogate mothers.


Age 21 - 34

Less than 4

Given birth before

BMI 17.5 - 29


Not on metal illness medication

Basic Requirements:


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