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Founded by a group of surrogacy advocates who have years of experience in the surrogacy and IVF industry, PrimeSurro’s mission is to help intended parents fulfill their family destiny by matching them to surrogates whose desire it is to help change lives forever.

PrimeSurro is proud of our industry-leading, crystal clear compensation and benefits package for surrogates. One of the highest in the industry, our compensation package is coupled with a comprehensive professional team that provides expertise, compassion, and support throughout the entire journey.

Our surrogates experience a positively life-altering and fulfilling experience with our program while our intended parents receive unmatched guidance, as they finally experience the ultimate joy of parenthood.

I Want To Learn About Becoming A Surrogate

We are thrilled you may be interested in being a surrogate mother! Learn more about the requirements. 

We values your selflessness and kindheartedness! Therefore, we ensure that our corresponding benefits package is the most competitive available in the United States.

Becoming a surrogate mother to help couples in need is one of the most courageous things anyone can do. Learn more about the steps and time frame involved. 


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"It has been great! The team is really nice and approachable. If I need something they accommodate me and make sure everything is okay. As for my pregnancy, I feel good about it. Every time I have an ultrasound, I feel so happy to see the baby, especially happy for the Intended Parents. I actually asked if I can be a surrogate again after this pregnancy. This is my first time as a surrogate, but I can definitely say that everything went smoothly and (was) easy for me because of the team. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that they (the team) are so kind to me. I’m happy I chose your agency."


—  PrimeSurro Surrogate Mother

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