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Basic Requirements

Surrogates Fundamental Requirements

  • Age Between 21 - 38

  • BMI between 18 - 30

  • U.S. citizen & Resident of Surrogacy-Friendly States 

  • Have given birth for at least once

  • No more than Five (5) Vaginal Deliveries or Two (2) C-Sections Deliveries 

  • Financially Stable and not receiving any government assistance

  • Smoke & Drugs Free

  • No Depression, Anxiety, or any kind of mental illness

Why Us?

Experienced team & rich resources

PrimeSurro's mission is to put surrogates mothers first by providing specific care and guidance to every single surrogate mother. As a result, our team tries to make the entire surrogacy application process and journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. PrimeSurro is honored and proud of helping thousands and thousands of couples to build a family of their own.

LArge Intended parent (IP)


PrimeSurro has the largest group of Intended Parents who are presently seeking for help from surrogate mothers. Thus, majority of the surrogate mothers will be matched with suitable Intended Parents as soon as possible. Our Intended Parents all have a positive thinking and undoubtedly appreciate for your help.

Top Compensation

PrimeSurro takes pride in providing the best and the most beneficial surrogate package within the surrogacy sector. We, PrimeSurro, truly and greatly appreciate our surrogate mother's goodwill and empathy toward our Intended Parents. 

Address: 300 Spectrum Center Dr, Suite 1000

Irvine, California

Phone: (833) 966-0990

Email: info@psurro.com

Monday through Friday : 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday : Appointment Only 



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